Personalization _ Optimization

Personalization & Optimization

“Make it personal!”

Personalized experiences across all channels are the new normal. Whether you speak to your customer via e-mail, your website, sms, on social media or face to face in your shop; you should always make optimal use of all the insights you have on your customer and deliver that personal experience your customer expects from you.

Making extensive use of the data you collect, will give you deep insights into who your customer is. Through continuous A/B testing and improvements, based upon these new insights, you will deliver this end to end promise to your customer.

Personalization Roadmap

Not knowing your customer is not an option anymore. It is paramount that you know and understand your customer personally and that you can anticipate on their every desire and move. The age of marketing towards the masses has long gone, we have now entered the era of one-to-one communication.

This is where our personalization experts can help you as they have all the right skills and tools at their disposal to build a personal customer journey, based upon extensive insights in the collected and analyzed data.

Based upon your customer personas and segments we can help you build a roadmap towards this personal approach that will help you improve all your customer interactions and achieve your business objectives.

Personalization _ Optimization - Personalisation roadmap

Audience Creation & Population

A very important step in the personalization journey is knowing who your customers are. They can be described in personas and detailed into segments with their own characteristics and values.

Our personalization experts can guide you in building a clear picture of these personas and mapping them onto the different segments you have, in order to form a strong basis for further personalization and improved customer loyalty.

Personalization _ Optimization - Audience creation _ population

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a way to find out which of two webpages, emails or personalization components work the best. The system will offer different versions to a set of users and, after a predefined number of views, will ‘choose’ a winner and show the winning version to the bulk of the customers, this way improving conversion, retention and sales.

Our experts can help you with the setup and analysis of different types of A/B testing campaigns.

Personalization _ Optimization - A-B testing

Funnel optimization

A site gets visitors from different channels like organic traffic, direct traffic, paid traffic, etc. By monitoring and adjusting the performance of these channels we can use these to achieve the online goals. To get the highest possible conversion rate, we will be looking for opportunities to widen the funnel which increases the likelihood of a conversion.

This exercise can be combined with customer journey maps and A/B testing to make sure you get the right performance in every phase of the life cycle and across all interactions and touchpoints.

Personalization _ Optimization ellements - Funnel optimization

Our other services

Service Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Today’s customers have no boundaries anymore between the physical and the digital world. To be able to keep, optimize and extend the relationship with your customer across all touchpoints and devices it is imperative that you extend your digital footprint and make sure you know how to interact with your customer during every phase of their life cycle.
Service Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

Collecting data is not a goal, it is a means to create valuable insights into your customers and their journey and use this knowledge to deliver the perfect experience and support your business growth.
Service User experience

User experience

As UX architects, we put the users at the center of the design process and help you in delivering a perfect experience across all touchpoints and during every phase of their life cycle.