The information architecture (IA) forms the basis of an application. By structuring and labelling the content, we make sure that the users of the application can perform their tasks intuitively and the information can be found easily.

User Interface (UI) flow

The UI flow defines how the user will navigate through the various tasks or through the content. The task and content analysis are translated to a structure for the website or application. The UI flow is a phase in which insights from the analysis are converted into screens for the application or website.

Card sorting

During a card sorting exercise end users are asked to organize the available content into different categories. In this way we obtain insight into the way end users look at the available content and how they would organize it themselves. This provides a basis for the content structure that is part of aninformation architecture.

Structure testing

During a structure test end users are asked to perform different (core) tasks within the website structure (in Excel). This test provides early insights into the way people navigate through the structure and whether the labels used are understood. This type of testing also allows to compare different versions in a simple way.