For us, UX architects, the customer is the most important factor and we always handle the User Centered Design principles. By recording all the user feedback at the beginning of a development process, we can create an optimized user experience.
We can help you with:

UX Analysis

UX analysis provides insight into the end users, tasks, content and the environment where the application is used. The needs are mapped through user research, content analysis and task analysis.


Personas are created to get a clear image of the end users of your website. Personas are fictional characters that represent a specific target group each; and therefore act as a stand-in for the real end user.

Customer Journey Map

A Customer Journey Map shows the interaction between the customer and the website or application step by step. With this method, we gain insight into the ways and the moments that the user interacts with the website/application.

Information Architecture

The information architecture defines the structure of the application or website. Content and task analysis are in this point transformed into an interaction design and overall structure.


Wireframes visualize how the application will look like and how the user interface will be built. Wireframes can evolve into a prototype of the application and can thus be used during user testing.

User testing

Early and regular testing and gathering feedback enables us to obtain a good user experience. User testing, structural testing, click analytics, A/B testing … provide insight into how end users use the application.