Get more insights from your data! Through various trainings we make you familiar with the interface, reporting and tracking capabilities of both Google and Adobe Analytics.

Because every environment is different, and every company is looking for specific answers to its digital issues, we give these courses customized to your company. For example, during this training we use data and examples from your analytics account. If the standard analytics training does not meet your demand, we’d like to see how we can offer you a customized training.

Google Analytics basic training

During this training, we guide you through the Google Analytics interface, we teach you how Google Analytics can be used to collect data and make you familiar with the various reports available in this analytics package. This training is the perfect base for those who have little or no experience with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics medior training

You master the basics, but you’re looking for deeper or customized insights? In this medior training, we teach you how to get more from your Google Analytics account. Together, we look at campaign- and event tracking, enhanced ecommerce and we will teach you how to deal with segmentation and attribution modelling.

Adobe Analytics training

During this training, we make you familiar with the tracking method of Adobe Analytics, the reporting interface and user management. We teach you how to deal with the various data manipulation functionalities and reporting tools that are helpful in your particular setup.

Google Tag Manager training

In this training, we’ll learn you the basic concepts of tag management and we’ll teach you how to use Google Tag Manager to optimize analytics implementations, add event tracking, etc.