The Digital Analytics Maturity Model is a theoretical framework, developed by Stéphane Hamel, which helps organizations to encourage discussion around digital data.

With the help of a questionnaire, the current maturity of the organization is mapped. The result shows the difference between the digital ambition of the organization and the actual situation. Meanwhile, this is the starting point of a roadmap that helps you to realize those ambitions.

The Digital Analytics Maturity Model…

  • Is simple to complete and takes only five minutes. Anyone within the company can do this.
  • Is a useful communication tool to facilitate change in the organization since the assessment can be completed by anyone.
  • Provides you with a benchmark so you can compare the results of your own business with other companies in the same industry or of a similar size.

  • Exposes areas for improvement in terms of knowledge of workers, developing processes and deploying tools. This is all based on the Analytics goals within your company.
  • Helps determine a roadmap that helps your organization to grow its digital maturity.

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Curious at what maturity level your organization is situated? Take the test with the help of the online questionnaire.

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