A site gets visitors through various channels, organic traffic, direct traffic, paid traffic, etc. The visitors know where to find you, but the conversion remains low … All channels are used to generate more visitors, no efforts or expenses are spared, but once they are on the site they leave again. By monitoring which channels bring which value we can optimize the conversion of the channels and the costs, and increase the ROI.

Humix focuses on efficiency

Visitors from different channels often behave differently. From AdWords, one often comes with a certain purpose, organic traffic orients itself more and traffic from the social media channels will often be looking at the latest news or new product updates.

All these channels will be watched by Humix, which campaigns are or are not scoring, why a mail campaign works much better, how landings go from social media, etc. Humix will come up with answers, and afterwards a strategic plan will be made to leave the channels with a better score.

KPI driven optimization

Online KPIs form the basis of all optimizations, that way a targeted use of the budgets will help to achieve the objectives. The KPIs will be carefully composed to make these measurable to monitor the performance and optimization.