It’s no longer rocket science to measure every single click and action that takes place on your website. Because it is becoming easier to measure all sorts of things, the amount of data we collect grows quickly. So quickly that it is difficult to distinguish critical information from all the noise. Moreover, the data that we gather every day is scattered in different tools. You use Google Analytics for your website data, your sales results are in an ecommerce database and your clientele is in a CRM package. The use of dashboards will help you centralize all data sources in a visually appealing overview.

Data visualization

The human mind is not good at interpreting large amounts of data. By visualizing that data, it will become clear where the pain points are situated or how different segments are related to each other.

Our analysts are experienced storytellers when it comes to data. They use numbers and transform them into a story told by graphs, KPI’s and indicative colours. That’s how you bring data to life within your organization.

Report automatization

An analyst who is occupied a few days per month with collecting & reporting data? A painful reality that we encounter to often.

We advice to automate recurring reports by using dashboarding tools. Which are also the ideal format for communicating insights in an attractive way within the company.

Tailored dashboards

Dashboards can have different objectives: motivating employees to work towards specific targets, real-time monitoring or centralization of different sources.

Based on these objectives we create a dashboard, tailored to your business. Where you have complete control over the data visualizations and the displayed KPI’s.

Our experts have experience with various dashboarding tools and are happy to help you with choosing the most appropriate solution.