Using a correctly implemented analytics package, it is possible to analyse all traffic channels (on- and offline) and the the corresponding costs and profits. Helping you figure out what does or does not work for your business. At least, if you manage to see the wood for the trees, with all that data …

Detect signals

Our consultants love to take a deep dive into the data of your website. Looking for signals within the noise. We search for patterns in the customer journey and investigate significant deviations.

We will segment your visitors based on their behavior, customer attributes or demographic profiles. These segments can be used to optimize and personalize both the website and the marketing campaigns.

Lose the report monkeys

There’s a lot of time and energy lost in combining data from different sources to compile recurring reports. Basically, your analysts are doing monkey work.

At Humix we have experience in linking different data sources and report automation. We centralize meaningful data in one place, freeing time that can be used for in-depth analyzes.

Tool independent

Our web analysts are used to work at different customers. Therefore, the tools they work with regularly change. This makes them experts in digital data, instead of fanboys of one specific tool.

Regardless of what web analytics tool (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.) or data visualization tool (Tableau, Klipfolio, Excel, …) you use; the questions that you’re struggling with stay the same. And it is exactly in answering those questions, that our analysts exceed.