With a little effort, you can set up a web analytics tool and start collecting data. However, collecting data is not a goal. The art is to convert this data into valuable insights that support decision making. Discover how our analytics experts can help you with that.

KPI Definement

Data driven decision making begins at knowing what information you need. That’s why we always insist on setting goals in advance. This will align everyone within the organization and will help evaluating campaigns and other initiatives.

Analysis & reporting

Using a well-designed web analytics package, it is possible to completely map your visitor’s and customer’s behavior (both online and offline). Such amount of data can be overwhelming. However, our analysts love to dive in this data and identify valuable insights.

Analytics implementation

A web analytics implementation is more than just placing a piece of tracking code on your website or application.  How do you translate KPI’s to measurement points? And how do you guarantee the quality of the collected data? Our consultants will gladly help you with the technical challenges. Such as: the development of a tagging scheme, the configuration of your account and the detection of tracking issues.


You do not want to waste hours making recurring reports or monitoring KPI’s in different tools. Thanks to dashboards you have all the important information at hand. One glance is enough to stay informed. They also help to maintain focus and make everyone within the organization more aware of the data that is available.