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On Thursday the 25th of August, two of our analytics experts spoke on the Belgian Google Analytics Users Conference (GAUC). Yves and Jente shared tips and tricks on how you, as an analyst, can be a driver for data maturity within the organisation instead of just another Report Monkey.

Analytics Rock Star or Report Monkey?

Take a look at your current role and ask yourself: are you considered as a Report Monkey or an important strategic advisor? Are you impacting the organisation or are you just creating a ton of Excels and PowerPoints?

Working as analytics consultants, Yves and Jente have experienced the frustrations that live within organisations when it comes to data. More than often, they encountered a huge gap between the ambition of being a data-driven organisation and the day-to-day reality.

During this presentation they shared their learnings on how you, as an analyst, can change how you’re working in order to affect a change within the organisation. Discover how to gain the respect of your internal stakeholders and put yourself out there as an authority.

Steps to become a better web analyst

The presentation slots on the GAUC were limited to 30 minutes. Which was way to short to go into detail on all the topics that we touched during the presentation. Therefore, we will elaborate on some of the tips in a mailing: Steps to become a better web analyst.

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Jente De Ridder | 24 August 2016

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