Product Listing Ads Launched in Belgium

A few months ago, it was announced at the Google Engage Academy, but now it’s also a fact: the Product Listing Ads (PLA) from Google are available in Belgium too. After previous launches in France, UK and the Netherlands, we must had to be a bit more patient in Belgium.

Unofficial start

Currently it is not yet officially communicated that PLA has been launched. But we encounter them in our search results. Just like we saw this morning next to the advertisement of Taken only the PLA’s prominent position PLA seem to have a big advertising advantage.

We are expecting that the official launch will be very soon. Many e-commerce managers in Belgium are already waiting a few months for the official launch of Product Listing Ads and they have already made the necessary preparations.

What are Product Listing Ads?

Product Listing Ads are advertisements for online shops. They are focused on a specific product and include an image, title, price and the name of your shop. In addition, they can appear in combination with a standard text advertisement. That way your website appears twice in the paid search results!

With this kind of ads you can choose to pay in two different ways. In other words, you pay just like for classic AdWords – per click (CPC basis) or you choose to pay when a transaction actually takes place. You will be billed on cost per acquisition basis (CPA). In that case you give a certain percentage of your sales to Google, so a bit like most referrer websites work.

The Product Listing Ads are actually a part of Google Shopping. This is a comparison website just like the famous or where you can upload your products. In Google Shopping you have to upload your products before they appear. Only if your products are uploaded to Google Shopping you can start using them to make Product Listing Ads. For this you need to link to your AdWords account with your Google Shopping account.

More information about the operation and development of PLA’s can be found on the Google website. If you’d like help with the setting up of such ads, you can always contact one of our AdWords experts.

Why Product Listing Ads are important for e-commerce?

The biggest advantage of Product Listing Ads comes from their increased visibility, simply because your products appear instantly with pictures and price in the search results. Also they appear only for people who are looking explicitly for that particular product, so you reach people who are already very far down in the purchasing process.

That increased visibility is a basis of good results, according to an article from Search Engine Watch. So PLA’s are more likely selected, they have 21% higher click-through-rate than regular text ads! This could bring significant boost in your traffic.  But it also goes the other way around: if you decide to wait with the PLA-story, you may soon be losing a lot of visitors’ traffic. Because your competitors who will go ahead with PLA’s will be indeed much better visible in search results.


Andreas Remes | 30 September 2013

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