1 month @ Humix

October 16, 2018

The first month working at Humix is packed with new experiences and learnings. From the first moment you arrive, you get the chance to explore the world of analytics and to broaden your knowledge.

A flying start

To kickstart our analytics knowledge, we started by achieving some online certificates like Google Analytics advanced and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals. By attending various client-trainings, given by our senior web analysts we got into topics like Google Tag Manager, SEO-practices and Adobe analytics. During Measurecamp Brussels we experienced the ‘unconference’ concept for the first time and got to listen to analytics experts talk about interesting topics.

Of course, all this is mostly theoretical. So to bring all these new learnings into practice, we worked on some exercises. The Google Tag Management implementation of the Humix website for example.
We started by creating a framework for a generic digital data layer for the website. After that we implemented it in Google Tag Manager. And finally, we made the website completely GDPR compliant.

After the first weeks of learning and working on exercises, we got to observe the working methods on-site when we came along to one of our clients: Essent. Here our objective was to support various projects and help investigate and solve ad-hoc analytics questions.

So the first month at Humix was already a very interesting and exciting experience and we’re looking forward to everything that’s coming up.

Glenn Raeymaekers Web Analyst

Glenn Raemaekers

With already one year of professional experience in digital marketing, a bachelors degree in digital media management and as co-founder of his own communication agency, Glenn has the skills and experience required to complete complex projects in an efficient and data-driven way.

After various school-projects concerning digital marketing, Glenn continued his digital marketing journey by starting up his own agency helping SME’s with their digital footprint. He spent his internship as junior campaign manager where he was able to further develop various professional skills.

So with a backpack filled with relevant experiences and his digital background, Glenn will be a great addition to the Web Analytics team.


“Being surrounded by top notch web analysts, I hope to develop my required skills at high speed. As a junior I’d like to kickstart my career. Humix is the perfect environment for this.”
– Glenn Raemaekers

Dimitri Dries Webanalist

Dimitri Dries

We are proud to announce that Dimitri has joined the analytics team.

Now packed with a Business Management degree with a specialization in Marketing, he started developing an intrest for analytics during various school-projects and his internship at Lunar Gravity. Dimitri is already experienced with data analysis, data visualization, dashboarding, and much more. This means Dimitri will perfectly be able to translate business needs into clear data.

In his first weeks it became clear the amount of talent Dimitri holds. Matching statistics with behavior really intrigues him.

Want to grab a coffee with Dimitri?

“At Humix you’ll find the right balance between learning and working. The perfect environment to become an expert in your domain. “
– Dimitri Dries
Dimitri Dries

Dimitri Dries


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